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CEFC China Energy Company Limited (CEFC China) is a private collective enterprise with energy and financial services as its core business. CEFC China was established by Ye Jianming in 2002. It has three group companies at management level, fifteen level-one subsidiaries as investment platforms and an A-share listed company, and has acquired controlling or minority stakes in several foreign public companies, with a workforce of nearly 30,000. The Company has set up regional headquarters in Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong, Hainan and Hong Kong, and second headquarters in the Czech Republic and Georgia.

The strategy of the company seeks to expand cooperation in the international energy economy, establish a well-organized international energy investment bank and achieves influence in the energy industry energized by its energy operations and investment. Underpinned by its European oil and gas terminals, CEFC China promotes its strategies by obtaining upstream oil and gas equities and interests, creating professional teams of finance and independent traders and facilitating full-licensed financial services. The profits in the financial and logistics sectors are driven by its energy operations and financial services. Meanwhile, CEFC China has conducted international banking businesses and investment in the Czech Republic, acquiring controlling shares in banks and shares in important financial groups including focused investment in airline, aircraft manufacturing, special steel and food. CEFC China helps large-scale state owned enterprises (SOEs) to “go global” through mixed ownership cooperation, introduces cutting-in-edge technologies and managerial experience, facilitates international cooperation in production capacity and fuels China’s economic upgrade and supply-side reform.

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