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Sinopec Zhejiang Zhoushan Petroleum Co., Ltd. is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Sinopec fuel oil sales Co., Ltd. of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Corporation. One of the manufacturers and suppliers of petroleum and petrochemical products, ranked 5th among Fortune 500 companies in 2022). In 2009, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Communications, and the General Administration of Customs jointly approved the authorization of Sinopec Zhejiang Zhejiang Zhoushan Petroleum Co., Ltd. The national chain of the fuel oil in the country.

The company's main business is to supply bonded fuel oil for ships engaged in international routes, as well as maritime service business such as lubricating oil, and ship supporting materials. At the same time, it also operates the storage, transportation, and sales of oil and petroleum products. At present, the types of bonded ship fuel oil are VLSFO, HSFO and MGO. In addition, the company actively responds to the national energy conservation and carbon reduction strategy, and is actively studying the supply of green ships such as biofuels and methanol. Through the deepening cooperation of SGS and CCIC, the company's recognized commodity inspection company, and the quality and quantity of oil products are closed. At the same time, the compliance ship burning produced by the petrochemical refinery in the group system ensures stable quality and ensures that the supply is available. The fuel is fully complied with the ISO 8217 international industry standard.

Since obtaining the national supply qualification in 2009, the company departed from Zhoushan to establish a national supply outlets in the center of the three major regions of North China, East China, and South China. After more than ten years of development, the company's ship oil supply network covers all the ports and overseas ports along the coastal coastal river and overseas. There are more than 50 key ports, 18 domestic oil depot, 1.67 million cubic cubic meters of total library, and more than 120 ship oil supply distribution ships. In June 2018, the company's operating management team landed on Zhoushan to sound the assault angle, seized the strategic opportunity of the Zhejiang Free Trade Zone to build the "Northeast Asian Boat Oil Supply Center", devoted to Zhoushan Port, one of the top ten ports in the world, and started a new entrepreneurial business. The process has formed a pattern with Zhoushan as the management center.

Adhering to the business philosophy of Sinopec's "integrity and norms, win -win cooperation", adhere to the brand standard of "every drop of oil is a commitment", practice the green commitment of "better energy, better life ", and strive to build a leading Chinese ship supply. The standard service system of the oil industry is based on the vision of building a "world -class shipping comprehensive service provider and clean energy supplier", and make every effort to cheer for global customers!

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