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Brightoil Petroleum is the only privately-owned Chinese oil company to be granted a license for bonded bunkering supply business at all marine ports in China. With support of experienced supply and trading teams, the company trades crude oil, fuel oil, middle distillates and other petrochemicals from offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, U.S.A., and Greece, forming an international supply and trading network.

The Group owns three oil and gas field projects in our portfolio, including Dina 1 Gas Field and Tuzi Gas Field in Tarim Basin of Xinjiang, Caofeidian Oilfield Blocks in Bohai Bay. The shipping arms own and operates 4 Aframax tankers, 5 “G Class” VLCCs with total capacity in excess of 2,000,000 DWT and supported by dozens of bunker barges. The group also owns storage facilities of 3.2 million cubic meters with VLCC terminal in Zhoushan, 7.2 million cubic meters with VLCC terminal in Dalian, and 388,000 cubic meters with Aframax terminal in Shenzhen. Our global network is present for marine bunkering amongst the world’s major ports; our trading products include fuel oil, crude oil, gasoline, petrochemicals and derivative products.

In the future, the group will continue to conduct international trade and supply operations such as crude oil and fuel oil. With the production of the large terminal base of zhoushan oil warehouse, this group will bring more high value-added trade opportunities to our group.

The group will directly by supertankers unloading crude oil into the storage base, again through light zhoushan oil storage base oil pipeline transportation of crude oil to the whole east China directly refinery, greatly convenient for existing customers and future potential customers operation operation, optimize the whole supply chain efficiency. In offshore oil, the group will be relying on the advantage of zhoushan oil storage base, procurement and arbitrage cargo ship for warehousing mixed operation, enhancing regional competitiveness and market share, and cost will be reduced, according to the current fuel prices, return on sales will rise 1%. In addition, along with the fully effective January 1, 2017 Singapore port fuel oil flow meter, oil supply, for the world's largest offshore oil port provides a unified supply standard, standardize the market operating environment, the group of six oil barge will get a better use and higher efficiency. The group will continue through new technology and the Internet, research and development and make shipping electricity daqo platform, as well as offshore oil supply electricity iterative platform and new energy information platform, users can not only grasp the latest shipping market information instantaneously by mobile terminal and a dynamic and international oil market analysis, still can enjoy the sea shipment one-stop solution. In addition, the group will actively participate in the international trade of liquefied natural gas and the terminal supply of the Chinese market, based on the strong demand of the world, especially China's future, for clean energy.

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