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ZHEJIANG C&D ENERGY RESOURCES CO., LTD., is an investment holding enterprise of Xiamen C&D Group Co., LTD. Xiamen C&D Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise in Xiamen City. Founded in 1980, it is a large industrial investment group. Focusing on a series of major propositions such as serving the national strategy, serving local development, serving people's livelihood, and establishing and improving the modern enterprise system, C&D Group has actively explored the road of high-quality development of state-owned enterprises, from the integration of government and enterprise to a high degree of marketization, and effectively practiced the enterprise mission of "exploring new values, enabling more people to live a more quality life"! It owns a number of listed companies such as C&D Shares (600153.SH), C&D International (01908.HK), C&D Property (02156.HK) and C&D Hecheng (603909.SH). In 2022, the operating revenue will exceed 840 billion yuan, the asset scale will exceed 720 billion yuan, and the total number of employees will exceed 60,000.

The company has laid out the energy and chemical industry chain for many years, established and trained a professional, efficient and excellence bonded ship fuel team, relying on the group's superior resources, the introduction of international oil experts, has been in the upstream oil resource acquisition, downstream end customer accumulation and development have rich experience and ability. In the overseas market, we have in-depth cooperation with Singapore, Malaysia and other floating tank operators in the low-sulfur fuel oil, Marine diesel MGO and other Marine fuel segments, and the company's Singapore team is skilled in filling all kinds of VLCC floating tanks. In the domestic market, the company focuses on Zhoushan Port in Ningbo, followed by major domestic ports such as Shanghai and Qingdao. In the future, we will accelerate the expansion of the layout of internationally renowned ports, such as Fujairah, Rotterdam and other overseas ports, and strive to provide safe, high-quality and efficient services to global shipowners.

C&D will Focus on expanding the international and domestic markets, and strive to become the main oil supply enterprise with international influence in the global fuel oil filling market through unremitting efforts, and become a world -class shipping comprehensive service provider!

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