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Zhoushan Ocean Investment Oil Trading Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "OIOT") was registered and established in Zhoushan Free Trade Zone in June 2020, with a registered capital of 50 million Yuan. It is a state wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhoushan National Pelagic Fishery Base Construction and Development Group Co.,Ltd, and the exclusive locally licensed bonded oil enterprise in Zhoushan wholly owned by the state.Its shareholder Zhoushan Ocean Investment Holdings Co.,ltd is a state-owned holding company established under the background of Zhoushan National Pelagic Fishery Base Construction and Development Group Co.,Ltd, actively implements the national "One Belt and one Road" strategy, improves the service level of pelagic fisheries, and promotes development of industrial agglomeration.It is mainly responsible for building a comprehensive investment sector for pelagic fisheries, effectively investing in pelagic industry platforms, promoting the development of oil trade, guiding market-oriented investment, and implementing the service functions of the base's pelagic industry investment platform.

OIOT relies on bonded ship fuel and domestic oil trade as its core to carry out production and operation. It is specifically engaged in the supply of oil products to the central fishing port of Zhoushan Ocean Fisheries Base, the refueling of bonded oil products for national pelagic fishing vessels and international navigation vessels, bulk oil trade, procurement and sales of ship fuel oil and chemical products, and other marketing businesses. It undertakes the major task of building a integrated maritime service sector for pelagic fishing in Zhoushan City and supporting Zhoushan in accelerating the construction of a Northeast Asia Bonded Ship Fuel Oil Supply Center.

In the bonded ship fuel business sector, OIOT mainly operates three types of fuel oils: low sulfur fuel oil, high sulfur fuel oil, and other fuel oils (Gasoil). It has a 5000 cubic meter fuel oil storage tank leased at Dading Oil Storage terminal located at AoShan.And now currently cooperating with the group company to apply to Zhoushan Customs for the establishment of a 18,000 square meter bonded storage area under the Group Company’s Yuanshan Oil terminal, in order to further strengthen the company's oil storage and transportation capacity and expand the direct supply business of bonded oil terminals for pelagic fishing vessels. Seven bonded oil supply vessels have been signed and now used for bunkering,including three vessels with a load capacity of over 4,000 tons, two vessels specifically designed for Gasoil with a load capacity of 1,000 tons, and two vessels mixed with Gasoil and fuel oil with a load capacity of 1,000 tons. The transportation capacity ratio is reasonable and the operational efficiency is high. Since carrying out the bonded ship fuel refueling business,OIOT has shown a rapid increase in the amount of bonded oil refueling in the Zhoushan area year by year. It has formed an industrial scale with an annual guaranteed supply of about 140,000 tons. Based on the continuous positive industrial prospects of the bonded ship fuel business, OIOT has launched a cross border direct supply business in Ningbo, aiming to make breakthroughs in business diversification and annual supply.

In the domestic oil trade sector, OIOT mainly deals in high and low sulfur varieties such as diesel, marine fuel oil, and regular first line fuel oil. Relying on the natural port resources and convenient oil transportation and storage advantages of Zhoushan, it provides sales services for many oil users in Zhoushan City and surrounding coastal areas, such as fishing and logistics transportation. At present, we are renting 25000 cubic meters of high and low sulfur oil storage tanks, with a monthly throughput of 10000 tons at Yuanshan Oil terminal which belongs to the group company.Traders run through the north-south coastline and have conducted deep cooperation with multiple central and state-owned enterprises. The annual trade volume is about 200,000 tons, providing strong support for the development of marine supporting industries in the surrounding coastal areas.

OIOT actively responds to the policy call of establishing the China (Zhejiang) Free Trade Pilot Zone in Zhoushan to build the Northeast Asia Bonded Fuel Oil Refueling Center, creating investment facilitation and trade liberalization for the entire oil industry chain. With bonded fuel oil as the breakthrough point, combined with the actual industrial planning and layout of the group, it fully utilizes the supporting service function of the Zhoushan National pelagic Fisheries Base's pelagic fisheries, actively carries out marine bonded oil supply, accelerates the opening up of the supply and demand markets, and promotes the spot trading of bulk oil products and the construction of the Zhoushan Bonded Oil Supply Center.

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