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Zhoushan Zheneng Petrochemical CO.,Ltd.(hereafter referred to as "Zhoushan Zheneng" ) is the first wholly-owned subsidiary,whose establishment is based on the Cooperation Framework Agreement between Zhejiang Energy Group and Zhoushan Municipal People's Government. The Company is mainly dealing in the trade of bonded fuel oil,crude oil and refined oil,also in the blending and filling of fuel oil. The registered capital is 50 million RMB. The Company was incorporated in China (Zhejiang) Comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

The Company has been granted the bonded fuel oil wholesale business license on June 8th,which means the number of companies who are capable of doing bonded fuel oil supply increases.

The registered capital of Zhejiang Energy Group is 10 billion RMB. Zhejiang Energy Group is mainly dealing in the electrical source investment and construction,coal circu­ lation management,natural gas development,renewable energy management and technology service,and also engages in the areas of finance,environment protection, building materials and oil business. Zhejiang Energy Group has 33 holding companies, 7 of which are wholly-owned companies.

The sales revenue of 2016 totaled 66 billion RMB and the sales profit achieved 11.6 bil­lion RMB. By the end of 2016,the general assets of Zhejiang Energy Group was 180.8 billion RMB,the owner's equity was 100.2 billion RMB,the asset-liability ratio was 44.58%,the capability of generators under management was 22 million KW,the estab­ lished natural gas line was 560 kilometers,the capability of shipping exceeded 1.5 mil­ lion tons,the production capacity was 120.1 billion KW,the coal supply achieved 49.4 million tons and the natural gas supply achieved 7.2 billion cubic meters.

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