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Zhejiang Petroleum Fuel Oil Sales Co., Ltd. Is affiliated to Zhejiang Provincial Petroleum Co., Ltd., which is a local state-owned enterprise, be established in the purpose of constructing China (Zhejiang) Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Free Trade Zone) "One Center Three Bases One Demonstration Area" . The company was founded in March 2017, which is previously known as Zhoushan Zheneng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The registered capital is RMB 50 million. The main business is the sales of petrochemical products such as bonded fuel, crude oil and refined oil, and maritime comprehensive services.

The company is one of the first 10 enterprises to settle in after the establishment of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone. It is also the first batch of enterprises that have been awarded the “Qualification of Bonded Fuel Oil for International Navigation Ships” after the opening of bonded oil qualifications. As the backbone of Zhejiang Provincial Petroleum Co., Ltd., which is rooted in the first line of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone, the company is committed to advancing the strategic mission centered on bonded fuel oil, which refers to the construction of maritime service base, bonded lubricant supply base, standard barge alliance and other maritime ancillary services.


  • Strive to develop into "Domestic Leading And World-Class Ship Integrated Service Provider.
  • A competitor with core competence in fuel oil market and industry
  • A practitioner of building the entire oil industry chain for Zhejiang Petroleum Co., Ltd.
  • A promoter of developing China (Zhejiang) Free Trade Zone into the Northeast Asia Bonded Fuel Oil Refueling Center A Pioneer of transforming and developing Zhejiang Energy Group.


  • Powering navigation. Fueling development.
  • Adhere to the core development concept of founding industry by Energy
  • Committed to providing more advanced technology, better quality oil and more thoughtful service, providing endurance for ship navigation.
  • Adhere to bigger and stronger fuel oil filling business
  • To enable the company to continue to grow and develop, to create a full oil industry chain for Zhejiang Petroleum Co., Ltd, to achieve high- quality development
  • Adhere to the strategic layout of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone
  • Improve the international status of bonded fuel oil replenishment, and promote Zhejiang Free Trade Zone to become an international maritime service base and Northeast Asia Bonded Fuel Oil Refueling Center as soon as possible
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